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Chartay Founding Member
2002 Eukanuba ELITE Team






This Team, called the "Eukanuba Legends In Total Excellence Team" (ELITE Team for short), will feature dogs that are the absolute best at what they do, whether athletes, show dogs, performers, or heroes. To celebrate the wonderful creatures that dogs are, amazing dogs from all walks of life that illustrate the many different and meaningful ways that dogs impact our lives will be assembled.

As a member of this ELITE Team, Chartay will appear at different events as an ambassador for Eukanuba. It is Eukanuba's intent for the ELITE Team to be a true showcase for dogs throughout the world. The main purpose is to use this Team to educate people about responsible pet ownership, nutrition, and the many important ways that dogs contribute to our society. Chartay has been granted "Celebrity Dog" status by American Airlines and will occupy her own seat next to mine on all our flights!

Needless to say, Chartay and I are absolutely thrilled to be chosen as members of this ELITE Team to help foster the goals that Eukanuba, a leader in super-premium nutrition for dogs, has set forth!

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Chartay & her Teammates

Chartay performing for the St. Jude Showcase of Dogs 
Memphis, TN  2002 

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